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A Message From John,

Welcome to Papa’s House! A digital space where I, John Hays (or simply, “Papa” as my grandchildren say), weave and share tales from a lifetime of memories. This project is a tribute to my family, and especially to my late wife whose spirit guides this journey. Here, you can dive into a curated collection of my video poems, each encapsulating a fragment of my heart and the story behind it. As we start this journey together, I honestly don’t know where it will take us. But if “Papa’s House” can touch just one heart or make a tiny difference in someone’s life, then I’ll consider it a blessing.

From tales for wide-eyed youngsters to nostalgia-laden pieces for the reminiscing adult, there’s a story for everyone. Tune in every Friday for new content and engage with us on social media. As our family grows, I invite you to contribute and share your own tales and ideas. Here at Papa’s House, I hope every story feels like home. 


Papa Hays.

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